Bank cards: signature to PIN survey

15 August, 2014

The mandatory use of Personal Identification Number (PIN) at point of sale (POS) came into effect as of 1 August 2014.

Over the last few months we have been in contact with the banks to ensure that those consumers who are unable to use a PIN would be offered an alternative so they could continue to go about their daily activities such as shopping and banking freely.

ANZ, Commonwealth, NAB and Westpac stated that they would be offering a sign only card option to consumers unable to use a PIN. They also indicated that they had been contacting consumers to advise of the upcoming move to PIN @ POS.

The banks have not actively promoted the sign only card due to concerns that this option would be exploited by consumers who did not have a valid reason for not using a PIN.

This has placed the onus on consumers to contact their financial institution to see whether they are eligible for a sign only card and what the process of applying for one would entail.

We are now seeking further information from consumers as to their experiences with the move to mandatory PIN and their dealings with the financial institutions in obtaining a sign only card. Here is a link to the survey:

If you have any questions relating to the survey please contact Kristen Holdsworth on